Welcome to Lake City!

When you visit Lake City, you do more than visit a historic community—you experience the best of what a Southern small town can be. You stroll past buildings that have been painstakingly preserved; you stop in shops that sell fantastic local goods from local farms and workshops. When you walk through our historic district, you see floralscapes—made of native plants grown locally by professional horticulturalists at Moore Farms Botanical Gardens—of burgeoning growth that symbolize the great green drive of the Lake City community. We’ve always been about agriculture and horticulture; now, we marry that spirit of growth to our new focus on arts and culture, and create a stronger future for Lake City. Visit Lake City. Experience true community. Make your art.

NEW IN LAKE CITY! We’re working with TSW to gather your thoughts about our community and about our future–click the links below to download the latest reports and presentations about what’s coming to Lake City.

Report (October 25th, 2016) *UPDATED*

Presentation (May 2016)