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So You Want To Grow An Orchid?

Greater Lake City

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Moore Farms Botanical Garden
100 New Zion Road, Lake City, SC, 29560, United States (map)
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“How do I take care of the beautiful orchid that was given to me?” “Will it bloom again?” “My plant’s not happy.” “Help, I have a black thumb!” MFBG Executive Director, Carlo Balistrieri, and Owner of Clearvue Orchid Nursery, Ed Scott, are teaming up to answer these questions and concerns and many others as they dip into the fascinating world of orchids. Both being orchid aficionados, come take advantage of their decades of experience growing thousands of orchids and listen as they demystify these beauties.

Ed will start the class by going over their cultural requirements, how to grow them successfully indoors and how to avoid common mistakes in care. Numerous demonstrations will occur to make sure you understand all the details!  After lunch (catered as part of this workshop), Carlo will guide you in exploring many different unique orchids you can grow at home. Did you know there are miniature orchids? Ed will be bringing many orchids for sale, so please bring cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.