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Lake City, South Carolina’s First Bee City USA

Lake City had the honor of becoming South Carolina’s first “Bee City USA” community in November of 2015 and local bee enthusiasts are ensuring the city keeps this important recognition for generations to come. City horticulturist and beekeeper Katie Dickson, Moore Farms Botanical Garden’s Education and Events Department staff Rebecca Turk, Roberta Burns and Kelli Meeker support this mission. In the past year, efforts have been made to bolster the pollinator-friendly plantings at the Community Museum Society office with flowering perennials and shrubs. Each summer Moore Farms Botanical Garden hosts an engaging summer camp to educate local children on the benefits of honeybees and other native pollinators, and similar presentations are given to local garden clubs throughout the year. Efforts are underway to present various bee and honey-related products in the local marketplace. Please visit SC Now Morning News for their wonderful article on Lake City becoming South Carolina’s first certified Bee City USA!

In 2017 the community of Lake City, South Carolina expanded their commitment to identifying areas that could be made more pollinator-friendly and also bolstering existing downtown pocket gardens with bee, butterfly, and hummingbird favorites. Perennials included several species of bee balm (Monarda citriodora and M. didyma), native milkweeds (Asclepias tuberosa, A. syriaca and A. incarnata), speedwells (Veronica), swamp hibiscus (Hibiscus coccineus), red and blue cardinal flowers (Lobelia cardinalis and L. siphilitica), scarlet sage (Salvia coccinea), and aromatic herbs such as rosemary (Rosmarinus) and thyme (Thymus). Directly sown seed annuals like zinnias (Zinnia) and cosmos (Cosmos) also vibrantly filled out warm season plantings. Please visit Bee City USA Reports for the full 2017 Annual Report for Lake City, South Carolina.

If you would like to get involved with Pollinator Week or other special city projects, contact Katie Dickson at


Xerces Society Southeastern pollinator-attracting plant list.
Beyond Pesticides website is a good resource for understanding Least Toxic Pest Management methodologies.





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Tree City Usa  

Tree City USA

Lake City has also been awarded a Tree City USA designation for the sixth consecutive year. We are particularly proud of this recognition as our region has been pummeled with severe weather events for several years in a row, but we bounce back and continue to prioritize our trees and city beautification despite the destructive forces. The horticulture staff from Moore Farms Botanical Garden spearheads these efforts to keep our historic downtown public spaces looking vibrantly beautiful.